Tune in as comedy legend Michael (Big Micky) Veitch and handsome young blade Simon (The Kid) Oats brush off their double-breasted dinner suits to transport us back to the days before television days when radio was king with Mystery in the Air!

Yes, it’s mayhem in the studio as 1947’s most popular weekly radio drama serial, Mystery in the Air! is about to go to live to air on radio station 3DDDP. As always, the star of the show is that beloved veteran of radio, the ‘Man of a Thousand Voices’ himself, Clinton Webb. Change, however, is afoot. For the past few weeks, management has seen fit to make Clinton share the microphone with the new darling of the airwaves, dashing fighter pilot ace, former Squadron Leader Rupert Billington-Smythe. Sure, he may be talented, handsome and a considerably younger ratings-winner (not to mention a sure-fire hit with the ladies), but Clinton’s just about had it with this upstart’s complete lack of well…professionalism! Exactly why management saw fit to foist this brash newcomer onto the airwaves with him is anybody’s guess.

Turning up late, no preparation, why sometimes he just waltzes in still wearing his dinner suit from the party the night before! Outrageous! If only the blighter wasn’t so awfully good at his job! And this week’s plays are two absolute corkers: a cracking horror wax museum story and another of the thrilling space adventures of Flash Gordon, set in that unimaginably far-off year of 1986!

Yes, with twenty voices and a pile of live-to-air sound effects all performed by just two frazzled actors, something tells me that this week, things are jolly going to come to a head. But, as they say, the show must go on, if it can!

Come see the fireworks fly for yourself in Mystery in the Air!

The show that transports audiences - kicking and screaming - back to the style, the fashion and - let's face it - the sheer political incorrectness of the 1940s!